All Round Protection with CCTV Systems from Derby Firelec

When it comes to equipping homes and commercial spaces with the most dependable security systems, there’s only one name in the UK that customers trust – Derby Firelec.

As a leading name in home security systems, Derby Firelec has always, ever since its inception, worked tirelessly towards offering quality products that provide total safety and security to customers.

Be it cutting edge safety alarms designed to suit specific environments and needs, or superior electrical gadgets and wiring assistance, or high quality fire alarms and emergency lights – Derby Firelec is equipped to provide 360 degree assistance on home and commercial security products and services.

CCTV Systems from Derby Firelec

Among its several offerings, the company has also successfully forayed into advanced CCTV or Closed Circuit Television surveillance sets.

Having carved a niche for itself in products such as intruder alarms as well as fire alarms, we had the right know-how and skill to produce superior CCTV systems. Whether you want to secure your office environment, the condominium or villa you stay in, or the commercial and industrial facility you own – Derby Firelec will offer you just the right kind of electronic surveillance system that will guarantee 100% safety and comfort to you.

These technologically advanced CCTV systems come packed with cameras, digital video recorders and monitors that serve as an effective medium to detect cues and signs of emerging threats. The super quality cameras also capture clear visual proofs of any security breach as and when they happen.

Even when you are away, the CCTV systems will continue to capture images. Whether you want to install them at a secure location near the ceiling, or place them at the very entrance, or decide to keep them secured, somewhere away from the public gaze, our range of CCTV installations will serve your purpose completely.

Types of CCTV Installations

At Derby Firelec, we offer a variety of CCTV surveillance systems. Whether you want bullet proof cameras for areas which are high risk or a smaller dome shaped camera for residential areas or maybe the box camera for industrial zones – at Derby Firelec, you will find a CCTV set matching your requirements.

Apart from the camera, we also provide a digital video recorder that will record videos in digital format to a disk drive.

Our range of CCTV variants includes the following types of cameras - Stylish Dome Camera and IR Dome Camera. For installation on high ceilings you can opt for out Vari - Focal Dome Camera and Dome Camera (Vandal Prof). For high risk areas, where surveillance is crucial, we would recommend our Outdoor Speed Dome Camera and IR Bullet Camera. Several customers seeking solutions for their office buildings and malls tend to choose our Box Camera for the purpose.

We also provide different types of Digital Video Recorder systems. The channel network options we provide with our DVRs include 4, 8 and 16.

What’s more, when you seek our services for these advanced CCTV security systems, we also provide you a lifetime warranty on the products, as well as assurance for lifelong maintenance of all the products.

Advantages of Securing Your Facility with Derby Firelec CCTV Solutions

At Derby Firelec, we understand that nothing is more important than securing your home or commercial area with the right kind of protection that guarantees you peace and warns you appropriately of any impending dangers as and when required.

That is why when we sell our products and solutions in advanced security systems such as CCTV systems, we also ensure that you get the right kind of guidance on its installation and maintenance.

Our most skilled technicians and professional installers will arrive at your facility to carry out a thorough inspection before suggesting the right safety solution for you. What’s more, we conduct several testing and quality checks on all our products before they are installed at your chosen destination.

Thus, when you choose Derby Firelec, you get a host of benefits including –

 Cutting edge and innovative products that are developed through in-depth research.

 Best prices guaranteed – offered after understanding customer requirements.

 Fully qualified team of engineers, equipped to handle all kinds of issues during set up and later maintenance.

 Skilled personnel and technicians who ensure smooth installation.

 Multi lingual staff that can help you with all their queries

 Direct line customer service that is available to answer your queries 24x7. Support offered both online and through telephone calls.

 We offer no-obligation quotes.

 You get a thorough demonstration on all products and services when you visit our facility, helping you in your decision making process.

 In-home assistance for repair and maintenance of all home security products, including CCTV systems.

We are proud to state that Derby Firelec is the only accredited designer and supplier of security systems to have received quality certification for all our products and services.

For any further query you can contact Derby Firelec on 01204 395 525/26. Or Email us at

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