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Derby Firelec is a leading name in security systems and appliances in the UK. Our commitment is to provide top-notch home and commercial security solutions to customers.

From innovative intruder alarm systems to emergency lights, fire alarms, advanced CCTV and round the clock callout systems – we are today the most trusted name in durable security systems that provide 100% safety and comfort to customers across UK.

Since our inception, we have endeavoured to offer high quality products that give you cost-effective and easy-to-manage solutions for protecting your environment. That is why Derby Firelec has spread its services to address all kinds of concerns with security – be it fire threats, intruder risks, theft or electrical and other kinds of accidents in domestic, commercial and industrial areas.

Door Access Controls from Derby Firelec

At Derby Firelec we assure you of meeting your specific security needs after thorough evaluation of your unit and its requirements. One of our well-known solutions popular with several customers is Door Access Controls.

These electronic door components provide complete protection against thefts and other dangers. Designed and developed by our skilled engineering team, our door access controls are suitable for different kinds of units, including banks, malls, schools, hospitals, homes and industrial facilities.

These advanced and highly intelligent components help you control and restrict access to your interiors and monitor activity at multiple locations all at once.

Equipped with highly superior access control software, these entry and exit protection solutions are easy to handle and manage. So, whether yours is a single door facility or one with multiple or wider access, our integrated door access support will act as a powerful door controller 24x7 and 365 days.

Types of Door Access Installations

At Derby Firelec we understand how crucial it is to adopt the right kind of surveillance and protection systems in today’s times. That is why we have developed a variety of door access tools that are easy to install and manage.

Our range of Door Access Controls includes:

 Single door entry reader

 Single door sensors and door strike reader

 Integrated door controller to manage multiple entry or exit points

 Wireless electronic door lock

 Door detectors with request to exit features

 Wall Mount Entry Reader

 Wall Mount Voice Entry Reader

All these components are driven by advanced security software that has the capability to monitor unlimited entries and exits. The software also has special features such as momentary door locks, first in signals and lockdown facilities that can be exclusively monitored by the user.

Apart from these features, we also offer customised solutions for user defined schedules like holiday assistance, elevator control and user defined entry and exit support to bigger commercial and industrial units.

Benefits of Derby Firelec Door Access Controls

There are several benefits of using our advanced door access controls. These are:

  • Superior software and customised support for all kinds of entry and exit points
  • Simple user interface 
  • Easy to manage and monitor single or multiple entry points 
  • User defined entry and scheduling features 
  • Supports endless entries 
  • Offers scalable features when number of entries at a time increase 
  • Equipped to monitor different size facilities including homes, industrial areas, malls or schools

Superior Assistance from Derby Firelec

At Derby Firelec, our job does not end with developing superior security components -- we take it a step further to ensure that these solutions are installed at your chosen facility with utmost care and professional integrity. Our very experienced technical support staff offer thorough assistance on use and maintenance of these products and services. Thus, when you choose Derby Firelelc as your security solutions provider you get a number of benefits.

 Skilled technicians and professional installers will arrive at your facility to carry out a thorough inspection before suggesting the right safety solution for your unit

 We conduct several testing and quality checks on all our products before they are installed

 We exclusively offer only superior quality products that are designed and developed after extensive R&D

 Best prices guaranteed

 Qualified team of engineers will handle pre and post installation issues

 Our Multi lingual staff offers smooth installation as well as resolution of different concerns

 Direct line customer service available 24x7.

 Online assistance available

 No-obligation quotes offered

 Thorough demonstration of user manuals and products when you visit our premises.

 In home assistance for repair and maintenance

For any further query you can contact Derby Firelec on 01204 395 525/26. Or Email us at

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