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Emergency Lighting

Power outage can happen at any time, due to a simple wire cut or even a natural disaster. Being stuck in the dark can pose risks due to panic or even physical injury. Hence owning an emergency light at that time can change the situation dramatically. Therefore emergency lights have almost become a necessity rather than a luxury.

It is always good to be ready in case disaster strikes, however small. Equip yourself with the best emergency lighting today, so that you will not be sorry tomorrow.

Be Prepared for Emergency Situations - Get Derby Firelec Emergency Lighting

Whether you are a building owner or a cinema premise owner, emergency and exit lights are a mandatory requirement of the safety systems. Not installing emergency lighting makes you liable to be fined.

Emergency lighting equipment provides illumination during the situations of power outages. Equipment consists of a rechargeable battery, a charging circuit, lamps that provide the light, and a relay device which energises the lamps when power failure occurs. Under ordinary circumstances, the equipment can provide illumination for a period of 1-2 hours.

Derby Firelec - Providing Superior Services

We, at Derby Firelec specialise in the supply as well as installation of a wide range of emergency lighting devices and solutions. Some of our high quality products include stair and floor illumination, exit lights, inverters and over-head lighting solutions among many others. Whether you need emergency lighting for interior or exterior applications, we have them all.

Setting Higher Standards for Emergency Lighting Services- Derby Firelec

Apart from providing product and installation services, we go one step ahead to provide you with specialist advice on how you can ensure lighting is available in your premise as per the rules. Our courteous staff is more than happy discuss your specific facility requirements according to your convenience.

We are regularly audited for professionalism and quality, and are proud to offer high quality services. We aim to provide cost effective maintenance system. No job is too big or too small for us here at Derby Firelec.

Any facility which houses people and this includes places such as schools, office buildings, hotels, hospitals, apartment complexes etc needs to possess the basic emergency lights which operate automatically and provide sufficient illumination for safe evacuation of the premises. Derby Firelec is at your side to help you meet your mandatory emergency lighting requirements.

Why trust us at Derby Firelec

We have always strived hard to work closely with our customers to produce products suited to their demands and needs. From enclosures, new battery technologies to power supplies, we ensure each and every aspect of your emergency lighting systems is as per your required specifications.

Our technicians are licensed and trained and will ensure that the lighting systems comply with the UK building codes and safety standards. We also offer periodic maintenance and inspections to all our customers to ensure that the installed emergency lighting systems are functioning well. Our inspection procedures include:

  • Ensuring uninterrupted power supply to the systems at least 16 hours prior to the conduction of a discharge test.
  • Performing manual discharge operations and checking that the battery charger works correctly during power failure conditions.
  • Checking for excessive end blackening in the lights, and replacing the lamps in case of blackening.
  • Checking if the diffusers are blocked or obstructed.
  • Cleaning all light emitting and reflecting surfaces.
  • Making a thorough record of all defects and replacing or repairing the same(during the guarantee period)
  • Maintaining an emergency lighting logbook to keep all details of the installation as well as technical details about the systems.


Why Derby Firelec

As a premier provider of emergency lighting services across UK, we, at Derby Firelec ensure our services meet the requirements and specifications as set up by the fire department, which are as follows.

  • The emergency lighting systems shall comply with the British standard 5266-1:1999 and BS EN 1838:1999.
  • Batteries used shall be heavy duty and rechargeable type; batteries of primary cells of any type whatsoever will not be acceptable.
  • All batteries for the emergency lighting circuits shall be kept charged at all times.
  • The minimum number of fittings required in any installation shall not be less than two.
  • Supply from the batteries shall feed a main distribution fuse board and be divided into four asubdistribution fuse boards. - exit lighting, stair lighting., Auditorium lighting and stage lighting


Select Derby Firelec and Make your Life Easier and Safer

What sets apart Derby Firelec from our competitors is our customer satisfaction and high quality services. With no hidden charges or substandard parts, we guarantee you will not look elsewhere once you have worked with us.

We provide the following services to all our clients:

  • No Obligation Quote
  • Best Prices Guaranteed
  • Quality Products
  • Professional Installation and Services
  • Fully Qualified Engineers
  • Multi Lingual Staff
  • A local dedicated office staff and customer service
  • 24–hour emergency support
  • Committed inspection staff


Don’t wait for an emergency to strike before you take preventive measures. Give us a call on 01204 395525 today, for details about our emergency lighting products and installations. Or get in touch with us by filling the contact form.

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