Protect Your Loved Ones with Superior Fire Safety Equipment: Derby Firelec Fire Alarms

Fire Alarm

It doesn’t take much time for an accident to occur. An accidental fire that may have occurred due to any reason takes only seconds to spread and ravage the surroundings it grips.

Are you on the ‘hot seat’ regarding the safety of your loved ones? Think no more. Equip your home with the best fire safety equipment and prevent a fatal fire tragedy from risking precious lives.

Protect your family from fire. Turn to Derby Firelec fire alarms.

Today governments around the world and in the UK too, are laying prime emphasis on R&D for fire safety tools. These innovative home safety and fire alarm services are a must in homes and commercial spaces. They are not only your number one safeguard against fire accidents, but also help substantially to minimise the damage and destruction caused during such accidents.

Derby Firelec has been at the forefront of providing superior fire alarm and safety systems to home owners and businesses across UK for several years now.

Derby Firelec- Leaders in Fire Alarms

As leaders in cutting-edge electrical tools and fire alarm safety systems, Derby Firelec understands the importance of adequate fire safety standards for your living spaces. Our commitment to providing total safety, security and quality to customers has earned us the rare distinction of being the most reliable fire safety equipment company in the UK.

We are constantly engaged in upgrading our offerings and bringing to you a wide variety of secure fire safety applications to ensure that you and your loved ones remain safe always.

From manufacturing fire detection tools to installing complex fire alarm systems in your home and office, our aim is to provide 360 degree fire security to you.

Derby Firelec - Redefining Fire Safety Standards in the UK

Today, Derby Firelec is redefining standards of fire safety equipment for modern living. As a leading manufacturer and supplier of fire detection and security tools, fire alarms and emergency lighting and associated security systems, our products are equipping homes, offices and public platforms to better detect and prevent fatal fire accidents.

The vast array of our products and services in fire safety conform to the highest standards of quality and performance. Our wide repository of fire safety solutions includes various devices such as smoke alarms, conventional fire alarms and BS5839 Part 1 &6. Additionally, we also work with addressable and monitored fire alarms.

Regular maintenance and periodic checks for your fire safety equipment is crucial. In this regard, Derby Firelec offers affordable services for commissioning and certification of your fire safety equipment as well as their inspection and testing.

That apart, we also install devices and provide timely maintenance for all the above fire safety fixtures at affordable costs.

Why You Should Choose Derby Firelec

When you are making a decision on something as crucial as fire safety for your family, more than anything else, you need to be able to TRUST the service provider.

At Derby Firelec, we have earned the trust of our customers over the years with our high quality products and exemplary service standards.

Our wide base of loyal customers from around UK, always seek our advice to better their safety standards because they trust us.

You can too.

Say YES to Derby Firelec

We make sure that you have the very best experience while dealing with us. Take advantage of the following features we offer for your benefit.

 Consistent commitment to world class standards

✔ Affordable home and fire safety equipment that is high on performance and delivered on time

✔ Wide variety of fire safety detection and prevention tools that are user friendly and can be used in different areas

✔ Customised solutions for home safety based on thorough understanding of your specific requirements

✔ Professional installation services for fire safety systems

✔ Consistent monitoring and maintenance provided, saving your time, money and effort on repairs

✔ Timely testing and certification of all products and services

✔ Continuous review and up-gradation of products and services as well as thorough training of staff

✔ 24x7 customer support, always available to help you.

✔ Experienced team of professional installers and engineers who are committed to delivering the best in service

✔ Multi-lingual staff equipped to handle and resolve every concern you may have.

What you can look forward to from Derby Firelec

As a new customer of Deby Firelelc you can look forward to –

  • Quality products
  • Timely delivery of services
  • Maintenance and monitoring
  • Direct line customer service
  • Well-budgeted solutions that keeps your home safe from the biggest fire threats all year round


Never again do you have to worry about your loved ones. Call us on 01204 395 525 today, to know more about our fire alarms and other fire safety products and services. Or get in touch with our customer service executives for the best quotes on home or commercial fire alarm installations.

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