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Fire Extinguisher

There is no such thing as overkill when you are ensuring the safety of your friends and family. Having a fully equipped fire safety section in your home or office building is not an optional requirement, but mandatory – it is vital to the safety of your workers and your family members.

At Derby Firelec, we do recommend that you buy the best fire safety equipment possible to protect yourself and your family. Make sure you buy from reputed dealers like us because quite frankly, we sell nothing but the best.

Being one of the market leaders in the fire safety niche, customers across the UK, trust Derby Firelec for all their fire safety equipment needs. Our basic fire safety kits contain fire extinguishers and fire safety blankets, which ensure that you and your loved ones are safe until you get out of the affected area.

Derby Firelec – Beyond Just Sales

At Derby Firelec, we offer free servicing and maintenance of your fire extinguishers to ensure that everything is in working order to serve you well during emergencies. As a professional fire safety company, we will also evaluate your fire safety requirements, recommend the right fire safety equipment for you, and maintain the fire safety equipment in your home or office. As per your requirements, we will also provide targeted user training for families and offices at an affordable rate.

Types of Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers are an integral part of fire safety and almost every building is legally required to have fire extinguishers. There are four different types of extinguishers: powder-based, water-based, foam-based, and CO2 based for electrical fires. Although no single type of fire extinguisher is ideal for every fire, the newest variety of multi-purpose dry powder based fire extinguisher is the best choice for home and office use.

In case you cannot find powder-based extinguishers, you can also use aqueous film forming foam type fire extinguisher that will work just as well in commercial and residential locations for fire control and fire safety.

Derby Firelec offers both types of extinguishers.

All our fire extinguishers are approved by British Standards (BSEN3 and BS7863). And all our products have a Kitemark or the special British Approvals for Fire Equipment (BAFE) mark on the model.

The newest fire extinguisher models are now specially colour coded red but with a band of colour that will indicate the type of extinguisher and where it can be used. The extinguisher will also have clear instructions on how to use it. Fires can spread very quickly and it is necessary to keep the fire extinguisher in a convenient place so that you can use it quickly and efficiently.

Fire Blankets- Types

Derby Firelec offers a wide range of fire blankets too.

Fire blankets are made of two layers of glass woven fibre fabric around an inside layer of fire retardant film. The blankets are intended for chip or fat pan fires as they can blanket the fire and prevent air from reaching the fire. Fire blankets should confirm to the BS 6575 standard and they can be used at home or at commercial premises as well.

All Derby Firelec fire blankets adhere to this standard.

Fire safety experts recommend storing the fire blankets in an easy to reach location in the house (kitchen) or at a designated fire marshal on every floor of a commercial building.

Using Fire Extinguishers and Fire Blankets: Training Family Members and Staff

Derby Firelec recommends the following best practices in using both fire extinguishers and fire safety blankets in the case of fire.

1. Make sure that everyone has read the instructions for using the fire extinguisher and how it can be used.

2. Fire blankets and fire extinguishers should be stored in easy to find locations in the house or in clearly designated areas in commercial locations.

3. Fire blankets can be used to smother the fire and they can be used to wrap around the body to prevent fire related injuries.

4. In case of fire, the blanket is dropped on the fire. The blanket is left in place until the fire brigade arrives to control the flames. Family members should not touch the fire blanket or move it until professionals arrive to control the flames or for at least an hour after the flames have died down.

5. Schedule regular maintenance for your fire extinguishers and fire blankets. Derby Firelec offers you a wide range of services in the area, including overhaul, discharge and refill of your extinguisher as required.

6. If possible, hold regular fire drills to prepare for emergencies.

If you are not sure where to buy fire safety equipment or if you are unsure about price ranges and you are worried about maintenance issues, get in touch with us. We stock nearly every kind of residential and commercial fire safety equipment including fire extinguishers and fire blankets. Call us now or fill in the contact form to receive a quote from us.

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