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Hazardous Areas



In Safe Hands

There are several standards of compliance which govern electrical installation and inspection in hazardous areas to keep you safe - with Derby Firelec, you'll be in safe hands. The IEC and the CENELEC are the International and European committees which set the standards for the designation of a hazardous area, as well as it's use of electrical equipment. Inspections and maintenance of electrical installations in such areas are covered by the British Standard BS EN 60079 Part 17. This involves setting up an inspection regime, keeping an account of every ignition source and setting up inspection protocols. The inspection process is highly detailed and each aspect is equally important to ensure the safety of occupants in the hazardous location. Our aim, at Derby Firelec, is to help clients attain full compliance, of which the inspection process is just a part.

There are four inspection types detailed by BS EN 60079 Part 17initialperiodicsamplespecial. The inspection grades are of three types: visualclosedetailed.

Installations and Inspections in Hazardous Areas

The typical safety issues generally encountered with electrical equipment in hazardous areas include the following:

•  Fixed electrical equipment not suitable for the hazardous zone (i.e. incorrectly rated)
•  Corrosion of electrical equipment such as motors, junction boxes etc
•  Non-rated portable electrical equipment such as hand rails and non rated lighting
•  Ill-maintained equipment such as broken conduits, mismatched colour coding, damaged seals, insulated coverings, exposed wiring etc
•  Presence of live electrical wiring due to improper termination
•  Electrical equipment that registers with irregular updates and/or expired certification

There are a host of things that can go wrong if your electrical equipment is not installed properly. The need for inspection and proper installations in hazardous areas is important not only due to the high risk of damage to expensive equipment but also loss of life in major situations. Poorly maintained electrical equipment could become a source of ignition for a fire - leakage of hydrocarbons and flammable materials such as hydrogen from UPS batteries poses a threat of explosion.

We Offer:

Apart from our inspection services, we'll also assist you with the compliance of your electrical equipment for new and existing structures. Our services include:

•  Categorisation of errors into separate classes: critical, major and minor, for prioritising remedial action
•  Inspection of new and existing equipment to ensure that it conforms to the requirements of the product directive as specified in the British EPS Regulation; equipment installed prior to implementation of the regulation, but still meets health and safety requirements, is also accepted, after thorough inspection
•  A detailed report/document demonstrating the compliance of equipment as per the permissible energy levels in the system. This is necessary as in the event of instrument replacement, the energy limitation needs to be maintained
•  Documentation displaying all parts and equipment by means of a loop diagram
•  Assistance with remedial actions by specifying the correct replacement equipment

We also offer installation of LED canopy lights for petrol station canopies, if required, that serve as direct replacements to any fluorescent fittings you may already have, potentially saving you a huge amount on energy bills and requiring zero maintenance. Click here to find out more.

Our Certification

✔  We have all the leading, industry approved, certifications
✔  CompEx EX07 & EX08 trained electrical engineers
✔  APEA membership - one of the leading to authoritative bodies involving petroleum and explosives
✔  NICEIC approved contractor status
✔  ECA registered member, the UK’s #1 trusted body for electrical contractors’ training and rigorous technical assessments
✔  An experienced team of professional installers and engineers who are committed to delivering the best in service
✔  Multi-lingual staff equipped to handle and resolve every concern you may have
✔  A direct line to customer service

Why Choose Us?

When making a decision on something as vital as the safety of a hazardous area, more than anything else you need to be able to TRUST the service provider. At Derby Firelec, high quality products and exemplary service standards, have earned us a wide base of loyal customers from around the UK, that seek our advice to better their safety standards because they trust us. You can too.

We have worked with a wide range of clients in various hazardous area situations. Our crew comprises of CompEx trained and certified inspection engineers, technicians and electricians who are highly experienced in hazardous area compliance. Our services extend across varied industries such as Chemical, Petro-chemical, Pharmaceutical, Gas, Offshore, steel, Oil as well as Heavy Engineering Industries.

Don’t compromise when it comes to electrical safety. Get an inspection of your premises as soon as you can to ensure it's fully compliant. Give us a call on 01204 395525/26 today for any enquiries, or get in touch with us by filling out the contact form.


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