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Mosque Transmitter Systems

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Spreading the Message

Not everyone is able to reach the mosque in time for prayers and therefore rely on being able to clearly hear the call of the muazzin indicating prayer time, often requiring the help of technology to achieve - this is where we come in. We design and manufacture our very own transmitter and receiver systems, perfected over 2 decades, allowing people to listen to any lecture or event a mosque wishes to broadcast, from their homes or any other place within range - all for the lowest prices on the market guaranteed. Mosque committees looking to begin distribute receivers or to have a transmitter system installed should look no further than Derby Firelec. Our receiver units are available in two variants, desktop or portable, which can be bought individually or in bulk.

Expect the Best

As the leading providers of mosque transmitter systems, with coverage spanning across the UK, our transmitters are manufactured with adherence to the highest quality European Standards. An easily adjustable frequency allows you to transmit to multiple stations, with clear and crisp audio, the result of only the highest quality components being used during manufacturing. Qualified and highly experienced engineers and technicians will ensure a proper installation of our fully licensed transmission systems, as well as post-fitting monitoring, for optimum performance - cables and antennas, are included in the overall package.

We Offer:

•  Proper installation of your transmitter system as well as monitoring and regular inspections
•  Performance measurements and repair services
•  Provision of detailed help and guidance for remedial action in case of damages.

Our Certification

✔  We have all the leading, industry approved, certifications
✔  NICEIC approved contractor status
✔  ECA registered member, the UK’s #1 trusted body for electrical contractors’ training and rigorous technical assessments
✔  An experienced team of professional installers and engineers who are committed to delivering the best in service
✔  Multi-lingual staff equipped to handle and resolve every concern you may have
✔  A direct line to customer service

 Why Choose Us?

When making a decision on something this vital, more than anything else you need to be able to TRUST the service provider. At Derby Firelec, high quality products and exemplary service standards, have earned us a wide base of loyal customers from around the UK, that seek our advice to better their safety standards because they trust us. You can too.

Give us a call on 01204 395525/26 today for any enquiries, or get in touch with us by filling out the contact form.


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